• EDD participation year: 2016
  • Country: India

Vandinika has been the Head of Project Enable, an initiative aimed at empowering high school children to make their schools more accessible and equal opportunity driven through the implementation of the Indian Right to Education Act, which protects the right to access quality education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Thanks to her dedication and commitment, the project has already had an impact on more than 100 children in over 15 schools, published a book on the Right to Education Act, and organized several conferences with educationists, schools and the Ministry of Human Resource Development in attendance. Vandinika’s great motivation and driven attitude led her to conceptualise and head another nation wide project on increasing electoral participation and policy awareness in India, resulting in an increment in women’s participation in politics. Her involvement in forums on international development and gender equality, especially as the Indian Ambassador to Girls20, is a compliment to her bright university career pursued both in India and in Europe, where she recently graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) with an MSc in International Relations. Recipient of the LSE Women’s Network’s Top 20 Inspirational Women at LSE award.

Vandinika currently works with UN Women in New York on strengthening accountability of the United Nations system (comprising of more than 65 entities) for gender equality and women's empowerment. Vandinika previously worked as a Research Consultant and Youth Focal Point at UN Women’s Multi Country Office for India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. There she was responsible for technical input and policy advocacy to state and national Governments on gender responsive implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, alongside implementation of other intergovernmental processes and public outreach campaigns on SDGs in India.

Vandinika serves as the youngest member of the European Commission's Multi-stakeholder Expert Group on implementation of the SDG's in the EU and is the Vice-Chair of the G(irls)20 Global Steering Committee.

Vandinika is a trained performing artist, and loves to surround herself with creativity and innovation as she works towards sustainable and inclusive change.

Vandinika served as the 2017 Editor for the Young Leaders for Development Blog.


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