• EDD participation year: 2015
  • Country: South Sudan

James is the Director of Partnership for African Trade Organisation. Alongside a team of young Africans managing this initiative, James believes in improving and promoting trade in Africa as a key factor in seeing a sustainably developed Africa. He is in charge of creating partnerships with African youth, universities, African governments, civil society organisations in Africa and globally, and other stakeholders. James successfully led a partnership deal between the University of Malawi and the African Trade Organisation. The organisation connects with other African university students and youths across the globe through conferences and online forums.

James is also involved in the Beyond Sciences Initiative at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. This organisation promotes global education through online media. Thanks to James' hard work, the organisation won the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee scholarship that will enable the project to sponsor about 42 undergraduate and graduate students to carry out research in areas such as child mortality rate reduction, women's health, infectious diseases among other areas in Canada, Kenya and India.