• EDD participation year: 2016
  • Country: Cameroon

Elsa just completed her PhD in Infectious Disease and Global Health at the University of Liverpool, UK. Elsa has lived in England for 10 years and grew up in different countries in West Africa such as Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal. Elsa's institutional training and work experience have been in both Europe and Africa in the health sector. From the age of 16, Elsa has worked with different organizations in West Africa such as the Society of women living with AIDS in Africa, UNICEF, International Organization for Migration, and The Institute Pasteur Dakar. In partnership with these organizations, she worked in socio-economically deprived regions organizing events with local non-governmental organizations. These events were aimed at educating the public on various diseases and methods of prevention and managing. Elsa went on to work with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on pre-analytical methods on extra-pulmonary samples for f the tuberculosis diagnosis tests on Xpert MTB/RIF assay following a year’s work at a biotech company on a project screening for anti-cancer drugs. I then started my PhD in Infectious Disease and Global Health, during which I deployed to Guinea during the biggest Ebola outbreak in West Africa and later received the “Ebola medal for service in West Africa” from Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

9 months into my PhD in 2014, I am co-founded the North-West Biotech Initiative (NBI). NBI’s primary focus is to promote the development of early stage researchers by fostering relationships between academia and the growing local biotech sector. NBI achieves this through events – panel discussions, workshops and competitions (consulting case competition). Participants build business acumen and gain transferable entrepreneurship skills. I educate the community about the SDGs through workshops addressing pertinent issues and developing community based solutions. As ambassador for the Youth Charter and recipient of the Benji Stanley award at the House of Commons for my dedication and continuous work with and for Youth within my community, I continue to aid the dialogue and bridge the gap between youth and key decision makers.

Having completed her PhD and with keen interest in the implementation of the SDGs specifically SDGs 3 and SDGs 4. Elsa is devoted to further development of the North-West Biotech Initiative (NBI) and continuing with the implementation of the SDGs locally through various projects. Our vision for NBI is to transform mind-sets, encourage critical thinking and develop a generation of young people with knowledge and transferrable skills across various disciplines. Our mission is to reach out to people at different stages of education and enhance interdisciplinary employability skills. NBI creates a platform for young people to create and shape their world within the scope of the SDGs whilst providing them with essential skills to succeed in life outside the education system.