• EDD participation year: 2015
  • Country: Republic of Macedonia

Daniel Mihajlovski was born 1991 in Bitola, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. He lost his parents as a child, he lived in a foster family and at the age of 12 he found his home at the SOS Children Village – Skopje, where he grew up to be an independent young man.

Daniel completed his graduate studies in international marketing management and is currently enrolled in post graduate studies in public relations and in management in education. He is working at the Ministry of Finance through a government program for employment of young people that until the age of 18 had a status of children without parents or parental care. In addition, he is working as an insurance broker and investment advisor.

He took part in different projects and activities in non-governmental organisations, most notably in the project aimed at supporting employment of the children without parents or parental care. In the session he will be speaking about the unemployment of young people in his country and the opportunities for building a support system for socially disadvantaged which will tackle the social inequality.


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