• EDD participation year: 2016
  • Country: Lebanon

Abbas studied architecture at the Lebanese University in Beirut. In 2014, he founded the Lebanese Architecture Club; a youth-led organization based in Beirut that focuses on the role of architecture in social impact. The club involves young architects and students in various projects that tackles problems affecting Lebanon; such as the migrant issue and the waste management crisis. In 2015, Abbas has led a team of architecture students in a project in cooperation with UN-Habitat. The team implemented sustainable solutions to improve the conditions of selected neighborhoods in Beirut on an architectural and urban scale while involving the local community. Currently, Abbas is the project coordinator for Beirut Design Week at the MENA Design Research Center. He has participated in different projects and programs including the renovation of Beirut Design Week’s central space in Beirut, Loyac Homes in Danah (Jordan), and Perceive the City in Istanbul.