I would frankly say EDD was the turning point for me to move from Zero to a greater level. I did not know that i left a mark during my talk on the EDD day on water-energy and food nexus!. Soon after my participation, I receive a chunk of emails inviting me to both international and national conference. One great opportunity is the Summit organised by the MasterCard foundation called Africa Work Summit where I Will address policy makers and about 300 Youth from across Africa on the Role of youth in Agricultural Transformation.

I was also privileged to be featured on International youth day of 2016 about my work in Malawi to transform rural peoples lives. Not only that, National Newspapers and Local medias also  appreciated my work soon after my participation at EDD. I also won a prestigious award on an Essay Competition which was organised by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). These are just some of the opportunities which came due to my participation at the EDD.

My advice is that this program should continue so that other youth who are not recognized besides the positive contributions in their countries could be exposed and hence linked to prominent individuals and organisation who can help them excel.

Last but not least, I thank EDD organizers for trusting me to represent my fellow Malawian Youth and not forgetting IUCN for the bond we made since the EDD till present date.








  1. Leon

    Keep going up young lady!

  2. Innocent Sandram

    That’s inspiring. Keep representing and represent us well.


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