Before attending EDD, one of the important projects, I and others youths were closely working is to create an African startup specialized in investment. During the EDD conference I’ve met some potential partners with whom I’ve shared ideas. Currently, we are working on it; so that the dream is coming true: AFRICA BRAIN CONSORTIUM (our slogan: the mind of investment in Africa), aims to serves as an interface between  investors in Europe  and investors in Africa.

Apart from this, I met several organizations which have promise to invite me for others conferences to share my ideas with decisions makers and be an inspiration for others worldwide youth in order to contribute to global changes. As example, One Young World brings me an opportunity to attend in October, the One Young World Summit 2017 in Bogota via a fully-funded Scholarship.

After EDD, back to Benin my country, I was interviewed by 5 local Medias and I have shared my experience. Also, different CSOs congratulated me for my achievement, and now they regularly ask my opinion about several topics concerning youth issues. I am sometimes invited by them as a speaker for those topics thanks to my expertise.

Also, after EDD16, I received one of the most prestigious Awards of the Junior Chamber International: I was awarded the Benin’s OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSON of the year, in the category of volunteer actions.Africa Brain Consortium

Apart from this, international organizations like Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, World Trade Organization, International Trade Centre, etc. congratulate me too. And International Organization for Migration  (IOM) invited me, as young inspirational leaders to attend a global media campaign leading up to the 19th Sept UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.

Now, I am like a big star in my country as well as outside my country. This makes me proud, but I know that I have to do more again for the future, to maintain what I have started since several years ago!

I still keep in contact with African Development Bank, and I continue doing as much as possible, little by little, advocacy for youth employment.

I also still keep in touch with “Africa Paid” (an enterprise working in the same domain of AFRICA BRAIN CONSORTIUM), for partnership and Memorandum of Agreement as soon as possible.

To summarize, I think the fact that EU engage youth in global discussions concerning development issues is more than appreciated! If each government could take youth opinions in consideration when elaborating national policies, that will be surely a good way to achieve inclusiveness and sustainability of these policies, and consequently contribute to achieve sustainable development in developing countries, like Benin.


  1. OROU SANNOU Ramoudane

    Congratulation Nestor…
    I’m very proud of you and grateful for all your achievements towards youth empowerment here in our country (Benin) and in Africa. Keep on and always remember we’re are behind you and learning from your pattern!

    1. Denest

      Dear Ram’dan, I’m so proud of you too. Keep doing your good job! Together we can change the world!

  2. Congratulations Nestor ! You’re the Kind of person we need for Africa. Keep it up!

    1. Denest

      Dear S. E. Martial, all my pleasure! I believe in building a better world! Together, we can achieve it!

  3. I want to congratulate you for your different achievement. By reading this post, I’m inspired to continue and never give up what I’m personnaly doing in my community which is make students having easily access to books through a moving library project.
    Good luck for your projects dear brother and let’s work all for a better BENIN.

    1. Denest

      Dear Augustino, Never give up! It’s the unique secret to achieve all your goals. Keep doing good job for a rising Africa!

  4. KAREN

    Congratulations my big brother. Good luck for your projects and let’s work all for a better BENIN.

    1. Denest

      Thanks a lot, sister Karen! Together for a better world!

  5. David Denis

    I would like fisrt to congratulate you for this wonderful work. I am very glad to know that by you it is still possible that youth got opportunities to be heard. Let’s hope governments will allow you to put your genius to serve our country. You are a good guy.

    1. Denest

      Dear David, Thanks a lot for your kind words

  6. Mc

    cool! terrific Nestor. proud of you!

    1. Denest

      Thank you!

  7. Épiphane Tchègoun ADADJA

    Es freut mich sehr, dass du solchen Preis gewonnen hast.

    Das zeigt natürlich wie die Zukunft ankommt. Wir sind moglicherweise ”positiv verdammt”, zu erfolgern.

    Dann fort und los lieber Nestor!


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